Subnautica: All Aurora door codes and how to get into the ship

Have you ever wondered what is aboard the Aurora? Can’t stand waiting around for the codes to get inside? Don’t worry — we have you covered.

When Subnautica came out in 2014, it was the breakout game of the year. In the game, you explore the ocean on an alien planet and collect resources as you go. And, one of the most interesting places to explore in Subnautica has to be the Aurora.

But with so many locked doors, how you can find the treasures within? No need to worry, we are here to help. Let’s see what you need to access the ship and what the Subnautica Aurora codes are.


How to get into the Aurora

Before you can crack all of the Subnautica Aurora codes, you need to find a way inside the ship. There are two routes from your main site. The first entrance is near the shore, close to the ship’s crash site. When you get to the right side of the shore, clear the entryway located behind the floodlight. The entrance will take you straight to Aurora’s laboratory.

If you don’t want to go to the shore, you can approach the front of the ship, where you’ll find a ramp. When you cross the ramp, you will see a corridor, taking you straight into the Aurora.

Preparing for the Aurora

Exploring the Aurora is going to take some preparation. First off, you need to put on your Radiation Suit to protect you from the ship’s damaged engine. You will also need some sort of weapon to fend off all the cave crawlers. We recommend taking the Stasis rifle and a Survival Knife because those seem to be the most effective.

What’s more, you need to take a repair tool with you to fix any broken doors you might come across. You will also need a Propulsion or Repulsion Cannon, a laser cutter, and a fire extinguisher. If you want to explore the submerged parts of the Aurora, we recommend taking a Seaglide with you.

Subnautica Aurora door codes

  • Captain’s Quarters – 2679
  • Cargo Bay – 1454
  • Locker Room – 1869
  • Robotics Bay – 6666
  • Lab Access – 6483

Accessing the rooms and unlocking the secrets

  • Accessing the Lab – If you took the first route when entering the Aurora, you’ll find yourself in the lab. You should clear out some of the boxes that are in your way, using the Repulsion Cannon.
  • Accessing the Cargo Bay – To unlock the cargo bay doors, you’ll need to input the code. Once again, you can use your Cannon to clear out any boxes or rubble that’s in your way. To get inside, simply climb on top of the cargo.
  • Accessing the Locker Room – Before you can get inside the locker room, you first need to cut through the sealed door. Once you’ve done that, input the code. In the locker room, you’ll find some batteries, water, and first aid kits.

There are two more rooms you’ll need a code for once you’re aboard the Aurora, Captain’s Quarters, and the Robotics Bay.

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