NieR Automata: List of all weapons, locations, and abilities

Are you tired of scouring the Nier Automata world looking for weapons? If so, get ready!

The two most fascinating things about Nier Automata are the 26 endings and the almost endless number of weapons. So, if you don’t want to wander around aimlessly searching for weapons, let’s take a look at all of the Nier Automata weapons, their abilities, and where to find them.

Combat Bracers

First, let’s start our guide with combat bracers because they’re usually the easiest to find.


Type-40 Fists

You can find Type-40 Fists in a locked treasure chest near the Resistance Camp.

Type-3 Fists

You can buy Type-3 Fists from Emil when he’s near the Resistance Camp.

Demon’s Cry

When you go down to the Amusement Park’s Castle, take the elevator and go all the way down. Once you leave it, you’ll find a locked treasure chest with the weapon inside.

Virtuous Grief

If you want to get the Virtuous Grief, you’ll first have to find the Shrine in the Forest Zone. From your save point, travel southwest to the river on the hill to find the weapon.

Cruel Lament

When you upgrade any weapon to Level 4, Masamune will come and deliver the Cruel Lament.

Angel’s Folly

Just like Type-3 Fists, you can buy Angel’s Folly from Emil when he’s close to the Resistance Camp.

Emil Heads

First, go to Emil’s hideout, steal his mask, and then speak to him. Then, the next time you visit his hideout, you have to break into his treasure chest to get this weapon.

Machine Heads

At the end of Route C, you can purchase the Machine Heads from Pascal as 9S. But before that, you have to wipe his memories as A2.

Short Sword weapons

Now, you might have to walk far and wide for these Nier Automata weapon locations since they are pretty scattered.

Phoenix Dagger

For the Phoenix Dagger, you have to find the bridge that connects the Forest Zone and Shopping District. Under the bridge, you’ll find a treasure chest with the sword in it.


When you’re in the Flooded City, go to the Soul Box Tower to find the Faith sword. But you can only get it during your third playthrough while playing as 9S.

Iron Pipe

To get the Iron Pipe, you need to go to the sewers located between the Amusement Park and City Ruins. When you get there, start fishing in the sewers to find this short sword.


You can simply buy the Beastbane sword from a weapons dealer then next time you’re visiting the Resistance Camp.

Type-40 Sword

When you’re playing 2B, you have to finish the Find a Present sidequest to get the Type-40 Sword.

Type-3 Sword

If you want the Type-3 Sword, all you have to do is buy it from Popola and Devola.

Machine Sword

To get the Machine Sword, go to Pascal’s Village. There, you can buy it from his weapons dealer.

Virtuous Contract

You will get the Virtuous Contract sword the first time you play as 2B since it’s her default weapon.

YoRHa-Issue Blade

If you want the YoRHa-issue blade, you will first have to finish the sidequest called 11B’s Mementos.

Engine Blade

Now, you can only get the Engine Blade during your third playthrough. First, go to the underground area of the Abandoned Factory. There, near Route A, you’ll find a treasure chest with the weapon inside.

Ancient Overlord

For the Ancient Overlord sword, go to the Resistance Camp and buy it from a weapons dealer.

Cruel Oath

You will get the Cruel Oath the first time you play as 9S because it’s his default weapon.

Cypress Stick

If you want the Cypress Stick, you first have to go into the Forest Zone. Then, you’ll have to climb one of the pillars and jump across multiple platforms. The weapon will be on one of them, inside a treasure chest.

Large Sword weapons

You’ll easily be able to find most of these weapon locations for large swords since they tend to be close together.

Phoenix Sword

When you first start the game in the City Ruins, you’ll find the Phoenix Sword on top of the building in a chest. But you will need Hacking Skills to open it.


Getting the Beastlord sword is pretty easy and all you have to do is buy it from a weapons dealer in the Resistance Camp.

Iron Will

You have to use your Scanner Pod to find the Iron Will in the Flooded City.

Fang of the Twins

Deep inside the Desert Complex, climb the stairs and open the treasure chest to find the Fang of the Twins.

Type-40 Blade

When you finish the Data Analysis Freak sidequest with 9S, you will receive the Type-40 blade.

Type-3 Blade

You can buy the Type-3 blade from Popola and Devola.

Machine Axe

Simply stroll down to Pascal’s Village and buy the Machine Axe from a weapons dealer.

Virtuous Treaty

Next is the Virtuous Treaty which you can find near the entrance of the Abandoned Factory. In fact, it should be right where you fought Goliath for the first time.

Cruel Blood Oath

First, go to the Forest Zone and search for the Underground area. There, you’ll find a locked treasure chest with the Cruel Blood Oath inside.


Spears can be difficult to find but are so powerful that they’re worth the hassle.

Phoenix Lance

First up in the spears section is the Phoenix Lance, which you can find in the center of the Desert Zone. But you will need a Scanner Program to track it down.

Dragoon Lance

Go into the Forest Zone and start looking for a ravine. Once you find it, search for a cave. The Dragoon Lance will be inside it.

Type-40 Lance

As soon as you finish the YoRHa Betrayers sidequest, you will get the Type-40 Lance.

Type-3 Lance

You’ll find the Type-3 Lance inside the Flooded City when you jump on the roof of the building that’s closest to the waterfall.

Virtuous Dignity

There’s a secret area near the Amusement Park’s entrance where you’ll climb the first ladder. Start following that route, climb another ladder near the exit, and you should see a shrine where the spear is.


On the top floor of the Forest Castle, you will find a treasure chest with the Beastcurse inside.

Spear of the Usurper

As soon as you finish the Heritage of the past sidequest, you’ll get the Spear of the Usurper.

Machine Spear

Go to Pascal’s Village and find a weapons dealer that will sell you the Machine Spear.

Cruel Arrogance

For the Cruel Arrogance, go to the Abandoned Factory and locate the cult area that’s on top of the conveyor belt. But keep in mind that you’ll need Hacking skills to unlock the gate there.

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