NieR Automata : All 26 True and Alternate endings

NieR Automata has become famous for its imaginative and pretty extensive list of endings. So, how can you see all of them?

NieR Automata was the breakout game of 2017, winning numerous awards and prizes. It is a role-playing action game from Square Enix that is set in an open-world environment.

Although the game has 26 endings, only the first five are true. But since they’re all distinct and unique, we wanted to show you how you can get all 26 NieR Automata endings for a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience.

True NieR Automata endings

To get either of these five true endings, you have to complete the game’s main quests. But some of them require you to complete the entire game a few times.


Ending A: A Battle’s End

  • How to Complete: All you have to do to get this ending is to finish all of the Main Story Quests in the game once. Keep in mind that the game has to be in Route A.

Ending B: Or Not to be

  • How to Complete: To see Ending B, complete the game twice in Route B. After you’ve seen Ending A, load the save file from the game and start all over again. Of course, you have to finish every Main Story Quest.

Ending C: Meaningless Code

  • How to Complete: Before you can see Ending C, you have to complete A and B. Load your save file from the latter and start playing the game. When you reach the final boss, choose A2 to defeat it. Also, during the end credits, you have to say “no” to POD’s request.

Ending D: Childhood’s End

  • How to Complete: On the other hand, Ending D requires you to choose 9S for your final battle. And, when POD makes his request, select “I’ll go with you.” If you pick “I’ll stay,” you will still get the same ending, but the contents will slightly differ.

Ending E: End of Yorha

  • How to Complete: For the final true ending, you have to rewatch endings C or D. In the final battle, you can select whomever you want. Just make sure to pick the “I’ll go with you” text box. Once you’ve done that, you will have to complete a shooting minigame.

If you can’t complete the game but you’re connected to a PSN network, the game will ask if you need help. We recommend accepting it because the minigame can be really difficult to finish.

Alternate Nier Automata endings

From E to Z, here is every alternate ending, and all the ways you can see them.

Ending F: Mission failed

  • How to Complete: When Engels knocks 9S on his back, don’t repair the system and wait for the timer to run out.

Ending G: Hungry for knowledge

  • How to Complete: In your first playthrough, when 9S arrives at the crane, fail the mission.

Ending H: A Mountain too high

  • How to Complete: Ignore the order to intercept Goliath and leave the battlefield, abandoning the mission.

Ending I: No I in team

  • How to Complete: In your first playthrough, abandon 9S after defeating the final boss in Copied City.

Ending J:  Bad Judgement

  • How to Complete: Kill all of the machines and the priest in chapter nine.

Ending K: Aji wo Kutta

  • How to Complete: At the Desert Camp, when you meet Jackass, eat the Mackerel fish he gives you.

Ending L: Lone Wolf

  • How to Complete: During your first or second playthrough, leave the Resistance camp.

Ending M: Break time

  • How to Complete: If you’re playing with A2, do not go inside the Pastor’s village.

Ending N: No Man’s Village

  • How to Complete: If you go inside the Pastor’s village, destroy every machine you see there.

Ending O: Just You and Me

  • How to Complete: When you start Route C, run away and abandon the battlefield in the beginning.

Ending P: Corruption

  • How to Complete: While you’re playing for the third time, you have to let 2B die from the logic virus.

Ending Q: Questionable actions

  • How to Complete: Now, for ending Q, you once again have to be in your third playthrough. While you’re playing as 9S, you need to ditch 2B.

Ending R:  Maverick

  • How to Complete: Kill all of the peaceful robots near Pascal. Also, you can get this ending if you go berserk when you’re in the same room as Pascal and the kids.

Ending S – City Escape

  • How to Complete: During playthrough C, after the tower sequence, abandon Popola and Devola.

Ending T: Fatal Error

  • How to Complete: By getting rid of your OS chip at any point in the game, you will get Ending T.

Ending U: Debunked

  • How to Complete: When you’re inside the bunker, self-destruct to see Ending U.

Ending V: Reckless Bravery

  • How to Complete: Instead of hacking the Tower, help Popola and Devola fight. What’s more, you have to stay with them until they’ve drained their batteries.

Ending W: Broken Wings

  • How to Complete: If you die during your first chapter at the intro level, you will see Ending W.

Ending X: Time to Relax

  • How to Complete: While you’re playing A2, run away from the virus-infected 2B instead of helping him.

Ending Y – Heady Battle

  • How to Complete: During the quest, Emil’s Determination, let Emil self-destruct.

Ending Z: Overzealous

  • How to Complete: Finally, for Ending Z, while you’re playing A2, kill Pascal outside the Resistance camp.
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