How to catch your favorite Pokémon with Pixelmon Generations Minecraft mod

Here’s how you can merge the worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon!

Are you looking for an easy and practical way to introduce your favorite Pokémon into your Minecraft world?

Well, it’s quite possible to merge Pokémon and Minecraft together so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. All you need is to find the right Minecraft Pokémon mod, such as Pixelmon Generations.

What is Pixelmon Generations?

Pixelmon Generations is a popular Minecraft Pokémon mod that comes with all your favorite Pokémon.

The Pokémon-inspired mod is also a community-ran Minecraft mod which gives you access to both large and small servers with content suggestions from other players. You can play the mod in SinglePlayer or Multiplayer if you want to meet and share ideas with friends from all over the world.

There are other Minecraft Pokémon mods out there but so far Pixelmon is still one of the best you can ever have.

The mod allows you to transform your Minecraft world into an exciting Pixelated Pokémon paradise complete with the usual battles and Pokémon you’re used to playing within the official Pokémon game. You can catch and tame Pokemon roaming in many biomes that you pass through in your journeys.

The mod even gives you access to the same shops, centers, and gyms you went to in Pokémon, only that this time you are doing it from the pixelated world of Minecraft. It comes with a host of console commands and other useful features to ensure that you have the best experience when you fuse Pokémon into Minecraft.

How to download Pixelmon generations

Pixelmon Generations is quite easy to download. Please go through the simple steps below:

  1. Start by installing Minecraft Forge.
  2. Open Minecraft after you have installed Minecraft Forge, look for “Launch Options” then navigate to Advanced settings, add new, and select the Forge version you have downloaded under the “Version” tab. Remember to save it.
  3. Go back to the play options and click on the Forge version you have saved.
  4. Close Minecraft then navigate to Pixelmon Generations
  5. Download and install the latest version keeping in mind that it’s only available for the Java Edition of Minecraft.
  6. In your Minecraft game directory, type in %appdata%\.minecraft in the search bar, select the folder named “mods” and drag the Pixelmon Generations file into the folder.
  7. Restart Minecraft and start playing with your favorite Pokémon in Minecraft.

Pixelmon servers

One of the best things about Pixelmon Generations is that the mod has dedicated servers where you can play together with other Minecraft Pokémon fans.

There are many Pixelmon servers including PixelmonCraft, which is one of our favorite servers. The servers allow you to meet other Pokémon trainers in replicated Pokémon villages and towns in Minecraft.

You can also run your own server simply by downloading the mudpack and extracting the Pixelmon Jar which you will use to run your server.

There’s a lot you can do in Pixelmon Generations mod to play Pokémon in Minecraft. And, if you are unsure of something or get lost in the way, you can always check for Pixelmon Wiki to learn more about the mod’s features and console commands.