Cool Minecraft house ideas to try for your next build

Challenge your Minecraft building skills with these creative house ideas

Have you run out of ideas for your next Minecraft House? Or do you simply need more solid inspiration than the vaguely creative idea you have running around your gamer brain? Whether you’re a new player or an old player, Minecraft is a game that never puts an end to your creativity. Whatever you can imagine, you can probably do it in Minecraft.

Still, if you encounter builder’s block, there’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration online. So here are some of the best Minecraft house ideas that are so satisfying to build in Survival Mode. It’s perfectly fine to attempt these in Creative Mode as well.

Mountainside Mansion

Minecraft house ideas

One of the most fun aspects about Minecraft is the Minecraft Seeds. Whenever you generate a new world, you never know what you will end up with.

But one of the most fun and impressive natural geographies you can encounter in Minecraft are those huge, tall mountains. Minecraft loves to generate mountains that hang, those with sheer drops, and those that curve into weird caves. These mountains also make the best locations for a mountainside mansion.

This type of Minecraft house will be a challenge to build in survival. After all, you have to design the house in midair while trying not to fall. But with a mountainside Minecraft house, you can start simple. Begin your house with a single room that juts outward from the mountain. Take advantage of the view by inserting huge windows of glass panes.

It’s your prerogative to decide what materials you’ll use. Dark wood makes a nice contrast against a rocky gray mountainside. Stone brick will give a more medieval look for a mountainside fortress. But if you want a fun, modern take on your mountainside mansion, go ahead and collect concrete or quartz. Those clean, solid colors will look great from a distance.

The nice thing about a mountainside house is that it’s easy to expand. Because you’re moving vertically, almost in mid-air, instead of conforming to your terrain, you can add chamber after chamber and just connect them however you please. Your corridors can be inside the mountain or hanging from the mountain too in the form of stairs and open decks. Just make sure they’re well-lit to protect from mobs!

Classic Castle

Minecraft house ideas

If you haven’t tried to build your own castle in Survival, then this is your sign. The time is now!

A Minecraft Castle is also great fun to build in Minecraft because if you mine on the regular, then you have all the materials you need! A classic castle simply needs a ton of stone brick, which you can craft and produce from stone.

We have another great guide on making a Minecraft Castle using different blueprints. But here’s one hot tip that a lot of players, even veteran players, miss out on building this castle Minecraft house also includes terraforming.

The best kinds of castles aren’t built on flat terrain. If you’re trying to go for the medieval look, castles are often built on elevated terrain. This adds tactical advantage and protection from incoming enemies. And even though you’re building in Survival Singleplayer mode, it’s always fun to add a bit of your own stories and lore around your world.

Remaking your terrain in Minecraft will require a lot of shovels and pickaxes. You will definitely end up with a lot of Cobblestone, but that hits two birds with one stone! Like we said, you’ll need plenty of Cobblestone to smelt into stone and craft into stone bricks.

If you plan your castle to have several towers, chambers, and halls, then prep your terrain accordingly. Add some flat, calm areas in the center for a solid foundation. Add interest to the sides with drops and small peaks for your watchtowers.

One last tip when building a castle: mix your blocks. Instead of using all stone brick, mix in some stone, cobblestone, and even andesite. It will take your castle from looking basic to lively.

Underground Lair

Minecraft house ideas

Our first two ideas take you pretty sky-high. Now, this Minecraft house takes you down into the depths. An underground lair Minecraft house is your opportunity to feel like an ultimate supervillain. You can choose to conceal it with some neat Redstone secret doors, or even complement it with an above-ground menacing counterpart.

Underground lairs are very practical as well. Mining still remains at the heart of Minecraft, and underground lairs will surely give you easy access to your favorite mining spots. And, with the incoming Caves and Cliffs Minecraft Update, you will find a lot of diversity with underground Minecraft house possibilities.

Once you start building and expanding your underground Minecraft house, we highly suggest you make different rooms to keep your different supervillain stuff in. A cool idea is to have a room for your Minecraft shield designs.

Now that shields are customizable by combining them with different Minecraft banners you’ve designed from the Loom, you can display a whole ton of designs in one room. Think of it as your armory, or your wardrobe, or even a museum. You can display these on item frames or just have lots of armor stands holding your many shields.

Here are a few more ideas for features to include in your underground lair: a weapon forge, complete with your Minecraft Grindstone, anvil, blast furnaces, and even a decorative smithing table. You can also set up an underground farm closer to the surface by doing it in greenhouse style with a sunroof letting the light in. Lastly, consider a treasure and enchanting room with as many colorful and glowy aura blocks you can find. You’ll certainly get a cunning villain vibe from it.

Repurposed Structure

Minecraft house ideas

Another thing we really love about Minecraft is how it naturally generates its own structures. This means Villages, Jungle Temples, Ocean Temples, Desert Temples, and even Strongholds and Nether fortresses. Pillager outposts are fun targets as well, but are harder to conquer thanks to the numerous pillagers surrounding them.

If you’re in need of some Minecraft house inspiration, then look no further than the game itself! To exercise your building imagination, find a naturally-generated Minecraft structure, and see how you can change it up.

You can change a Desert Temple into a pyramid with hanging gardens. Open up the top-level or expand it. Or you can completely shave it off, and you’ll find a whole lot of surface area for some bamboo and vines to set up there. You could rebuild the top pyramid on some stilts or on some elevation.

Jungle Temples can also be expanded into larger monuments. Jungle trees and their height offer a lot of inspiration, so attempt a Jungle Minecraft House of towering stone and tall jungle trees jutting out of the top.

More Inspiration

If you ever feel short on inspiration, go ahead and explore the many video ideas online, or simply take a step back from Minecraft for a while. When you return, you’ll see the Minecraft world with new eyes — and hopefully a new house. Challenge yourself by setting size limitations or material limitations. Or just build and build and build until you find something you like. We definitely won’t stop you!