How to craft, obtain and use Minecraft banners to customize shields

Get ready for battle with customized Minecraft shield banners!

If you’re looking for a more creative way to customize your shields, you may consider using Minecraft banners. These banners are tall uniquely decorative blocks that feature a shield, which can be customized further using patterns and dyes.

So why should you customize your shields?

Shields are important defensive tools that you can rely on in combat to block attacks from enemies. They have better blocking performance than blocking with swords. Minecraft shields cannot be upgraded because they come in one size but can easily be customized using a Minecraft banner or enchanted using the anvil.

The shield can block frontal attacks up to a 4-damage level. That means the shield can take as much damage as the strength of the attack if the attack doesn’t exceed the 4-damage level.


Minecraft shields can also deflect arrows and other forms of incoming attacks back to the enemy who launched the attack. In a close combat situation, you can use the shield to push your enemies backward or even knock them down.

The shield also helps to prevent other non-brutal force effects of an attack such as getting poisoned or set on fire by an arrow. It prevents you from getting knocked down in a melee attack and can even withstand explosions when in perfect condition.

To enhance the strength and performance of your shield, you can customize and enchant the shield with a Minecraft banner.

How to use Minecraft Banners

Minecraft banners are mainly used to customize your shield or as decorative features. You can place the banner on a shield by placing it side by side in a 3×3 grid with the shield in the middle and the banner on the left side.

When you attach the banner to your shield, you’ll effectively upgrade the shield by giving it up to 10 absorption levels rather than 5. The banner also increases the shield’s knockback resistance from mobs and players.

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Minecraft Banner patterns

A Minecraft banner can have as many as six patterns. The last-crafted pattern is usually the one on top. However, using commands, you can have up to 16 patterns on a single banner.

You can also use any color on the banner but the pattern normally overlays the color. The Java edition of Minecraft uses a loom to create patterns while the Bedrock edition allows you to make patterns using either a crafting table or a loom.

There are countless numbers of Minecraft banners that you can create including brickwork backgrounds and intimidating skull and crossbones designs. You can even mix two different designs to come up with your own unique banner style.

A majority of patterns can easily be created by arranging different dyes on the banner in different quantities and positions. Some patterns such as brickwork backgrounds are simple to create while others require some level of creativity.

Some of the most popular designs include the following:

  • The brickwork background
  • Fancy borders created by combining dye and vine on the banner
  • Colorful brickwork patterns
  • Skull and crossbones created by combining a Wither head and banner
  • Creeper face design
  • A Mojang logo
  • A Flower created by combining the banner with oxeye daisy
  • And many more

Keep in mind that you can create your unique banners by matching any of the above-mentioned designs using different logos, colors, and borders.

Crafting Minecraft Banners

So how do you craft a Minecraft banner? Well, it’s quite easy. However, given the huge number of patterns you have at your disposal, the process can seem a bit daunting at first.

To craft a Minecraft banner, you’ll need one stick and six wools. Simply navigate to your crafting table screen and place the stick at the bottom middle slot and place wool at the top three and middle three slots.

If you want to choose a design for your banner, simply arrange dyes around the banner on the crafting table until you get your desired design.

How to obtain Minecraft Banners

Here are a few ways of obtaining banners in Minecraft:

  • You can get Illager banners by killing the Illager patrol or in the creative inventory if you’re using the Bedrock Edition.
  • You can go to an End City where you may find banners at the top of the houses then break them with an axe. The banner breaks free whenever a block the banner is attached to is removed, moved, or destroyed.
  • You can also trade an item for a banner. For example, expert cartographer villagers usually sell one or two blank banners for 3 emeralds. You can also get a discount if you do something good such as stopping a raid or healing a villager. In the Bedrock Edition, you can also buy blank banners from expert-level shepherds as well.
  • You can also collect an ominous banner or Illager banner from an Illager who drops the banner upon death.
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