Minecraft console commands and cheats

Maximize your gameplay experience using these fun cheats and the command console

In the true spirit of being a sandbox game, there is a list of Minecraft console commands and cheats that you can take advantage of. These different commands will maximize your gameplay, help you manipulate your solo world, and can even be executed in multiplayer worlds.

If you’ve ever used custom Minecraft Seeds, then you’ll have an easy time using Minecraft console commands. There’s a simple process for enabling commands, but you can only do it before a new world has been generated.

When creating a new world and selecting the world type, go to “More World Options.” On the second row of options, there will be an “Allow Cheats” button. Click it once to toggle it on. Now, whenever you want to use a command, simply press “/” or open your chat box and start typing with “/”. Now let’s get into what commands you can use!


General commands

Help command

/help [CommandName]

The game will give you info on what the given command does.

Target selector shortcuts

Target selector shortcuts help you target specific mobs, players, or entities. You can use these shortcuts instead of naming each mob or player individually. These selectors are mostly used on multiplayer servers, but you can use these console commands in single-player servers as well.


@e – every entity
@s – the command-executing entity


@a – all players in-game
@p – player nearest to you
@r – random player

These shortcuts can be added at the end of the action command to target the entities or players you want.

World Commands

These Minecraft console commands will help you manipulate your single-player world, LAN world, or multiplayer server if you have Minecraft cheats enabled.

Set weather

/weather WeatherType

For the WeatherType, you can input snow, thunder, or rain. But the snow won’t show unless you are in a snowy biome.

Set time

/time set Time

The Time in Minecraft can be counted in different ways. You can use time in AM or PM, like “5pm”, or use the “0” to set to sunrise, “6000” to noon, “12000” to sunset, and “18000” to indicate midnight.

Halt the daylight cycle

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

By using this command, you effectively stop the sun and moon from rising and setting. This is useful if you want to take screenshots at a specific time of Minecraft day and don’t want to keep resetting the time. If you want to toggle the daylight cycle back, just replace “false” with “true.”

Generate your world seed


The world seed is the code or “identity” of the world that Minecraft spawned for you. If you ever want to regenerate the same world, simply use this /seed command to bring up the code. It appears as a code of numbers and letters.

Switch to Creative mode

/gamemode creative

If you initially started your world in Survival mode and want to switch to Creative mode, just use this command. Especially good for building your Minecraft Castle.

Switch to Survival mode

/gamemode survival

If you ever want to return to Survival mode, just switch back using this command. You can also go into Spectator mode with the same command format.

Change world difficulty

/difficulty Level

To alter the world’s difficulty, change “Level” into Hard, Normal, Easy, or Peaceful.

Item commands

Automatically store items


Use them to empty your inventory into a nearby chest.

Toggle whether your item receives damage


Use this for your Minecraft Shield, armor, weapons, or tools to turn off the damage it receives.

Duplicate items


With this, you can duplicate the item you are holding.

Summon items or entities

/summon Entity

This immediately summons the item or entity using the entity ID. For example, to summon a Minecraft Grindstone, use /summon 449.

Maintain your inventory

/gamerule keepInventory true

Dying and losing your diamonds is one of the saddest Minecraft experiences. Use this command to avoid losing your items if you die.

Multiplayer commands

Use these Minecraft cheats to manipulate multiplayer worlds.

Give items to other players

/give <Player> <Item> [Amount]

With this command, you can choose who will receive the item, what item to give, and how many items to give.


/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z or /tp x y z

The teleport command will either bring you to the target player whose name you entered, or to the coordinates you entered. You can bring up your Minecraft coordinates with F3.

Kill another player

/kill PlayerName

You can automatically kill another player with this. Leaving out the player name kills you instead!

Toggle commands

Repeat these Minecraft console commands to toggle the state. Minecraft will let you know what your state is immediately after you toggle it.

Toggle fall damage


Toggle fire damage


Toggle water damage


Fun and random commands

These Minecraft cheats can do anything under the sun!


Submerges most of the world.


Stops mobs from moving.


Mounts the mob or animal in front of you.


Instantly mine anything. Useful for obsidian!


Get your crops instantly!


Smelt everything in a snap.

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