Minecraft: How to make a Splash Potion of Weakness (1:30)

Beat Minecraft mobs faster with the incredibly useful Splash Potion of Weakness

Minecraft is full of mobs and monsters that are a tad hard to fight, regardless of the Minecraft Seed you generate. Even if you have full diamond armor, a Minecraft Shield, and a netherite sword in hand, you could still use an extra hand — especially if you’re in Minecraft hardcore mode.

This is where you will want a splash potion of weakness. You need one of these bad boys to weaken your opponent so you can easily smite it down with your sword and shield. But like many other craftable items in the game, it can be confusing to make. Here’s your quick guide on how to make a Potion of Weakness that will target your enemies.

Once you’ve made your Splash Potion of Weakness, you’ll be able to make lots of mob traps and mob farms, even within your very own Minecraft Castle!


What does a Potion of Weakness do?

A Potion of Weakness, when drunk, will give you the Weakness effect. This status effect will reduce the amount of damage you will deal on any other mob or opponent around you. A regular potion will have an effect that lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds, or 1:30.

Why would you ever want to weaken yourself? Of course, you shouldn’t!

But you do need to make a potion of weakness to make a splash potion of weakness. By making a splash potion, you can apply the effects of the potion to other mobs, animals, monsters, and even perhaps other players.

One very important use of a splash potion of weakness is when trying to heal a Zombie Villager. Trap one in your Minecraft house, and either throw a splash potion right at them or have it launched using a dispenser.

Now that you know what these potions do, let’s start with how to make a potion of weakness.

How to make a Potion of Weakness

First, you need a brewing stand. A brewing stand will help you make all the potions you need in Minecraft. Then you need at least one glass bottle, but if you plan to make these weakness potions in bulk, you’re better off with three glass bottles at a time. You also want to have a cauldron nearby.

Minacraft Potion of Weakness

Put down your brewing stand and cauldron. Take the glass bottles in your hand. Make sure your cauldron has water (you can do this by clicking it with a full water bucket). Now right-click the cauldron with glass bottles in hand, and you should have water bottles.

Potions usually need a nether wart to act as the base, but Potions of Weakness are different. You can start straight from the water bottle.

Place your water bottles into the bottom 3 slots of the brewing stand and a fermented spider eye in the top slot of the brewing stand. You can get a fermented spider eye from a mushroom and spider eye mob drop.

Once your brewing stand finishes, you should have 3 Potions of Weakness! But you’re not done yet. Time to convert them into Splash Potions of Weakness.

How to brew a Splash Potion

Simply place those potion bottles back into the 3 slots of the brewing stand. Insert 1 gunpowder, which you can get from a Creeper. That gunpowder will turn those Potions of Weakness into Splash Potions of Weakness.

Minacraft Splash Potion of Weakness

In Minecraft Java, the regular drinkable potion and the Splash potion have the same duration of effect. But in Minecraft Bedrock, the duration gets cut down by 1/4 of its original duration when converted.

The original potion’s duration is 1:30. In Java Edition, the splash potion will also last for 1:30. But in Bedrock Edition, that duration will go down to 1:07.

The duration of a potion can be increased by using Redstone powder as the key ingredient. If you extend the duration of the Potion of Weakness, this will result in a longer duration for the Splash Potion of Weakness as well.

You can, of course, brew these potions one by one — but that’s inefficient in materials and much slower.

You can also simply summon a Splash Potion of Weakness as an entity. If your Minecraft Console Commands are enabled, look up the entity ID of the potion and use a command.
Be Careful When Splashing!

These splash potions are extremely handy in a tight spot. When you find yourself bombarded with enemies and your health going down faster than you can recover, you’ll be thankful to have a splash potion in hand. But when using splash potions, be careful; you might end up applying the effects on yourself instead of on your enemy. Then you’ll be the one dealing less damage.

There are many other potions to brew in Minecraft using the brewing stand, and potion recipes are a handy skill to remember. So try to remember the recipe the next time you brew something! It could make your Minecraft gaming a whole lot easier.

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