GTA V roleplay: the best servers and how to join them

Explaining GTA RP servers, what they are, and how to join

There’s been a recent hype about roleplaying on Grand Theft Auto V. You can thank big Twitch streamers for suddenly popularizing GTA RP servers because now many players are looking to become part of the bandwagon. In this quick guide on how to get started with roleplaying in GTA, we’ll cover exactly what kind of gameplay and fun you can expect, what mods to download, and how to join a server. We’ve also listed the most popular servers where you can dive headfirst into the chaos.

What is GTA RP?

GTA RP means roleplaying as a character on a GTA multiplayer server. On a multiplayer GTA server, everyone plays different careers and characters like cops, NPCs, criminals, and more. These roles are highly customizable and are up to you to act out in-game. The point of GTA RP is to engage in multiplayer immersion while enjoying the dynamics of responding to other people in your environment.

It’s a nice change from the regular vanilla GTA, where you’re only responding to what the game’s AI generates for you. There are different degrees of rules among RP servers. Some are stricter than others and will expect you to know all the controls and simply be present for some hardcore RP. Other servers are more lenient and friendly to new RP players.

What you need for GTA RP

To become part of the RP scene, you need the multiplayer mod, which is different from GTA’s Online mode. The multiplayer mod adds more control and variety to how a player can interact with Los Santos city. It’s as close to roleplaying inside Grand Theft Auto as you can get. You may need a couple of other mods to access the GTA RP servers, so here’s how you can install them.

Download and Install FiveM

  • Visit their website. Turn off your antivirus first if you have to.
  • Download the FiveM mod and run the installation.
  • Start FiveM to check the installation.
  • Once you have FiveM installed, allow your antivirus to list it as an exception.
  • Run your updated Grand Theft Auto to check that it works.

Although different servers might ask for different mods, FiveM is a commonly used mod that will likely get you into the biggest GTA RP servers. Here’s how to install FiveM:

As long as you have your GTA V copy, the FiveM client, and the multiplier mod, you will be able to access a good amount of RP servers. Pretty much anyone can do it, and the third-party clients and mods are usually free of charge. GTA itself will be your only purchase here.

Starting in a GTA roleplay server

Now that you’re equipped with GTA V and your modded FiveM and multiplayer client, you’re ready to step into a multiplayer server. A lot of servers are open access, while others require whitelisting or a very rare invitation. All you have to do is find the server’s website and follow their instructions on joining. If you need to install additional mods, do so first.

If you’re new to RP in Grand Theft Auto, you may want to start with the open servers. This is kind of where you can build up your skills and reputation among GTA roleplayers. They can be quite chaotic, being full of inexperienced players. But everyone has to start somewhere.

If you’ve accumulated some popularity and skill with RP, you can start applying to whitelisting servers. These servers aren’t as private as the invite-only ones, but the whitelist adds a level of premium to it. A spot on these servers is still highly coveted since there are limited slots only. Sign-ups for these servers are often on their website or forums.

Now, if you’re a streamer looking to get into the RP content, you may have some luck. If your streams are high-quality and your RP skills are great, then you might get a prized invitation to a private GTA roleplaying server. There, popular streamers love to collaborate.

What to do in a GTA RP server?

There’s lots to do: RP as an NPC is a good start. Wherein the single-player GTA gaming is just you as a criminal going through Los Santos, now you can be anyone. You can try being a store manager, a resident, a cop, or anyone else. Just remember that everyone else on the server is also another player, not just programmed NPCs like the ones you’re used to.

When you’re doing RP, the main objective is to get immersed into your role and the world. You want to return the favor. So you mustn’t break character just because you feel like it. Those who become dedicated to roleplaying go into forums to learn more about their chosen career, character, and role.

The interesting thing about GTA RP servers is that everyone is playing to be part of something. Once you break the atmosphere and immersion of roleplaying, it’s likely that the server community will remember you for it, and not in a good way.

What are the best GTA RP servers?


We’ve already mentioned the most popular one: NoPixel. It’s an amazing server that is insanely flexible and immersive, but home to some of the most known names in the GTA RP world. NoPixel can only accommodate a maximum of 32 players. Although it’s not the same 32 players 24/7, over 4,000 players are vying to get a spot at any given time.

When NoPixel realized its popularity, they had to halt applications. Now, players like Summit1G and Moonmoon are well-known for having permanent spots on that NoPixel whitelist.

If you’re interested in joining NoPixel, keep a lookout for when they reopen applications. GTA RP players can lose interest and stop visiting the server, causing the admins to open up slots for others. You could end up being among the lucky few who get in if you grab the chance.

Eclipse RP

The good thing about Eclipse RP is nowhere near as limited as NoPixel. NoPixel carries only 32 slots while Eclipse RP allows for 200 players at a time. However, that doesn’t mean its waiting list and application period are any shorter. There are lots of roleplayers trying to get into this server too. Still, taking your chances won’t hurt.

The nice thing about having a much larger server is that there is a more interesting variety in the roles that everyone takes up. Some have created factions and feuds that let you RP as one in a gang. Others band together socially to take their careers to the next level, such as corporate or medicine. If you’re looking for all the roles you can choose from, visit Eclipse RP’s forums.

Those are the basics of getting started in GTA RP servers. If you’re lucky enough to get into one, we can guarantee lots of fun with your server’s community. Don’t hesitate to start roleplaying.