Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – How to unlock the Red Mage

Play the Red Mage with Stormblood as soon as you reach Level 50

Final Fantasy XIV has recently been released alongside the Stormblood expansion, arguably one of the most exciting additions to the game. With Stormblood comes the Red Mage, who introduces an interesting new playstyle by being the first of the novel ranged casters in the game.

But before we talk about how to play the Red Mage, let’s look at how to unlock it with the Stormblood expansion. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out.

Unlocking the Red Mage

To be clear, you need to have the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood, to unlock the Red Mage. Another preliminary requirement is a minimum level of 50 for Disciple of War or Magic.

The quest that unlocks the Red Mage is called “Taking the Red” and starts with the Distraught Lass. You can find her in Ul’Dah, by the Steps of Thal. Once you have initiated the quest, return to the Black Brush Station to get to the navigation marker. When you reach the marker, you will find another Lass near an easily identifiable Red Mage NPC.

After going through the dialogue, the game will enter you into a cutscene. Afterward, go ahead and begin a dialogue with the Red Mage NPC. The quest will lead you back to Ul’Dah where you began. Just keep following the dialogue, and you will eventually arrive at Coffer & Coffin.

At this last destination, all you have to do is dialogue with X’rhun Tia until the quest marks itself complete and you obtain the coil crystal of the FFXIV Red Mage. Other items you’ve now unlocked include a new rapier and attire for the Red Mage.

FFXIV Red Mage beginner tip!

The key thing about the FFXIV Red Mage is that you have to balance both the white mana and black mana simultaneously. If the gap or imbalance between them becomes too wide, then you will have a hard time casting the extra damage that the Red Mage promises.

With enough practice, we’re sure you’ll be able to take advantage of the new meta that the Red Mage introduces. We hope this guide helped you unlock the Red Mage without a problem.