FFXIV leveling guide: How to reach the level cap

Here are tips to FFXIV leveling and strategies that can help you collect EXP quickly.

Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) is packed with a load of cool things to do and jobs that you can complete to level up faster.

The game comes with so many different classes that you’ll be tempted to explore them all. In fact, the jobs aren’t even tied to one character, which allows you to level up through each of them according to your preferences and without even needing to grind through the entire game’s content over and over again.

However, the game requires patience, time, and commitment. Lucky for you, we have compiled this FFXIV leveling guide to help you reach the level cap as easily and quickly as possible.

Final Fantasy XIV is at its third expansion at present and has increased its level cap over the years from the initial 50 to 80. This now means that you have plenty of levels to wage battles, complete jobs, and basically craft your way up.

In this FFXIV leveling guide, we provide you with the necessary tips and advice for both beginner and experienced players looking for effective ways to gain EXP and reach the game’s cap within the shortest time possible.

Complete the game’s main scenario quest

This may seem a bit obvious but if you’re just starting out in FFXIV it’s important to play and complete the main story missions as fast as you can.

You won’t get a huge amount of EXP when you play the Main Scenario Quests but you’ll also unlock almost every important activity in FFXIV.

A majority of Raids, Trials, Dungeons, and side quests are usually locked in different stages of the main story. The main quests will help you level up faster while giving you more options in your Duty Roulette.

How to level up in the first-class battle

FFXIV revolves around battles but you can still live as a crafter or gatherer after you reach the level cap. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to succeed in a single battle class before you start living as a humble gatherer or crafter.

That means you will have to grind through the game’s storyline to achieve the freedom of living a simple life and doing the simple things you love doing.

The game has many ways of leveling up but if you’re a new player you should start by focusing on the key quest scenario quests. This approach will give you an opportunity to understand the game better, gain experience, and learn more about different locations just as the game’s developers want you to.

Rising through the ranks takes time but as soon as you start completing the main quests, you’ll soon get a better understanding of the game and level up faster.

Fortunately, the game has many items to boost your experience points such as the headpiece you get through the Recruit-A-Friend job, the Brand New Ring that’s awarded via the Hall of the Novice questline when you get to level 15, and many outfits that you can buy online at FFXIV shops with real cash.

Grind EXP in the Dungeons

FFXIV Dungeons

There’s plenty of EXP to be made by taking to the dungeons. Dungeons such as Stormblood and Palace of the Dead were originally designed as a fun pastime for players as they struggle to climb higher on the leaderboard but you can now use those dungeon crawls to gain more exp every time you hit the 10th floor.

However, keep in mind that if you die before getting to the 10th floor you’ll drop back to the first floor and probably start again from scratch.

Prior to the release of the Shadowbringers version, running a dungeon at the unlock level gave you great exp gains after collecting the Chain Bonus. The time-limited EXP is no longer available today but dungeon EXP has now been boosted to make the runs less focused on the bonus.

This means that you’ll be awarded a bonus for every first run you make on each dungeon as a single character but not in a class. Beginners can get plenty of bonuses from all the dungeons they unlock.

The Guildhests

Guildhests, also known as levequests, are repeatable missions found in the Eorzea world.

This way, you can level up faster regardless of the job you’re playing. Guildhests will be very useful if you’re playing one of the FFXIV classes such as Red mage, Astrologian, or Dancer.

These classes allow you to skip between different roles and hours in the game. The main purpose of Guildhests is to show you how each role is played but can also be used to level up faster. The special missions are located in the Duty Finder.

Every Guildhest gives you better experience and knowledge to tackle the next one while awarding you with the much-needed bonus EXP to advance in the game. If you want to level up even quicker, you can do the same Guildhests on multiple jobs.

To get access to Guildhests, you need to first unlock Guildleves, which can easily be done by completing any one of the following quests depending on the area you chose to start with:

  • Leves of Horizon
  • Leves of Bentbranch
  • Leves of Swiftperch

The side quests will unlock when you reach around level 10 in the main Scenario Quest.

Gain EXP from FATE farming

FATE farming is no longer as big as it used to be but is still a great way to rise through the levels if you’re between dungeon runs.

Fortunately, you can find FATEs all over the game and earn a good amount of EXP for just a few minutes of completing them. For instance, completing FATEs in Heavensward zones and above sometimes gives you twice the normal EXP points of a single FATE.

Check on the map for FATEs with 2x bonuses or any that mention “stench of death” which attracts a Forlorn Maiden. Once you kill it you’ll be awarded 2x EXP. The small boosts really add up over time.

Stock up equipment and stuff

One great thing about Final Fantasy XIV is that the game keeps on introducing more ways to increase your EXP points gains and rise through the levels.

For instance, you can stock up on equipment, consumables, and stuff with Armory Bonus and boost your EXP points from battles by up to 250%.

Some of the important items you can stack for more EXP gains include the following:

  • Armory Bonus items that give you a 100% EXP bonus below level 60 and 50% thereafter
    Rested which gives you a 50% bonus
  • Wearable items which give you different bonuses
  • Squadron Battle Manual or Free Company Action which comes with up to 15% bonus
  • Food gives you 3%

Take part in crafting classes

FFXIV crafting classes

One of the subsets of the game’s classes known as Disciples of the Hand includes crafting classes such as Culinarian, Blacksmith, and Goldsmithing. There are 8 crafting classes. Leveling these classes isn’t only time-consuming but difficult too.

However, completing one class makes it easier to complete the next class. Fortunately, there are many ways to level in crafting classes just like in combat classes.

It’s also important to craft one of everything to level faster. Most new crafters start by crafting one item. You will see a little checkmark next to the item you have crafted for the first time.

Don’t stop with one item but keep on adding more items to get more EXP points bonuses. The classes are a bit challenging to complete but worth taking part in if you want to level up faster.

Deliver items

When you get to level 50, you can earn more EXP points through custom deliveries. All you need to do is to check the week’s delivery list, purchase the items from the right vendor, and craft six of the listed items.

You’ll earn a lot of EXP points when you deliver these items while getting scrips to buy better and more powerful gear.

Deliver grand company turn-ins

Your Grand Company will sometimes make a request for an appropriate item at the turn-in counter. Crafting and delivering a high-quality item will bring you more EXP bonus each day.

This is an extremely fast method to earn EXP points.

You may also be rewarded with the materials you used to create the item and make even more items over and over again. You could even buy the listed items in Gil and deliver them as your own crafting creations.

The Challenge Log

One of the most ignored but worth mentioning feature in this FFXIV leveling guide is the Logs section.

You’ll hardly pay a second glance to this section but it provides a great way of grinding levels in FFXIV. You could even be filling it without knowing it. Check your challenge logs each and every week and take time to complete all of them.

You won’t only get some currency but lots of EXP as well. If you can spare time each day to complete quests and jobs in the game the more EXP bonus points you will get and the faster you’ll level up.

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