Coin Master events – Set Blast, Coin Craze and more!

Find out what events and rewards to look forward to

Are you hooked on Coin Master by Moon Active, the perfect combination of slots and battle royale? For those of you who enjoy this great combination of strategy and chance, there are a ton of things to explore. One of those is the game events that arrive every so often.

We’ve created a short guide for the Coin Master events that are full of rewards. Rewards range from free spins to coins, which all players of this game look forward to.


If you are looking for more game freebies, we have a list of daily reward links for Coin Master free spins and Pet Master free spins as well. Our spin links get regularly updated and will make your gameplay even more fun. Now let’s see what events are in store.

What are Coin Master events?

These are special events where you can get tons of freebies like spins, coins, extra cards, and even pet treats. Each event has its own mechanics and unique features. They will expire after a limited time. So be quick in participating and collecting rewards.

Now let’s see what you can expect from these fun events.

Attack Madness

Attack other Viking Villages to claim your prizes. The opponents will be harder to beat as you keep going, but the resulting prizes are well worth it.

Coin Master Attack Madness Event

Balloon Frenzy

Balloons will be floating above your village. Pop them all to earn the best rewards!

Bet Blast

Bet Blast is a great time to team up with friends. As you fight opponents, you can place bets. The higher the bets, the more rewards you could claim.

Cards Boom

Cards Boom increases the amount of cards from chests by a whopping 50%. Magical chests will give you a total of 12 cards. Use them wisely!

Coin Craze

Coin Craze will speed up your coin earning by a mile. Every opportunity there is to grab coins, you’ll get even more than usual thanks to this event. Even your spin button will help you!

Cards for Chests

Trade-in your extra cards for more chests. That means gaining coins, free spins, XP, and even new cards. You won’t get any decrease in your stars, either.

Gift Master

Gift Master brings you bundles of prizes and goodies for free. Every time you get spin packs or goodie bundles, you get a ton of rewards that require no work at all.

Gold Card Trade

From the pop-up, you can get gold cards for trading.

Raid Madness

Every time you raid a village, your rewards multiply.

Coin Master Raid Madness Event

Sea of Fortune

You get to visit islands to unlock prizes. Beware of the octopus, though!

Set Blast

Complete the required sets of items to earn your prizes.

Tournament Milestone

PVP to the max. Once you’ve made it to the leaderboard, claim your well-earned prizes.

Viking Quest

Use coins for spins and complete the event missions!

Village Mania

Your village-building gets a huge boost through the event discounts.

See events you like? Stay tuned in Coin Master to find out when they’ll be available so you can grab as many rewards as you can.

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