The Cats of Pokémon: Which one is your favorite?

All Pokémon are reminiscent of some objects, mystical beast, or animals in the ‘real world.’ But we know you are here for the cats

Any die-hard Pokémon fan would have all the original 151 monsters memorized by heart. We know we did. But when the new Pokémon series, released in October 2013, introduced 700 creatures, it was too much to take.

Playing games is undoubtedly fun, but we can’t even try to memorize the characters’ names anymore. Some gamers even joked that the company hired the third-grade designers to come up with original designs, and they got paid in extra homework.

Regardless of that, there are a lot of neat Pokémon that can’t be ignored. For example – Jynx, which is said to be based on Yama-Uba in design, or Squirtle that looks like a turtle.

But we know you are here for the cats. You don’t have to worry about sorting through hundreds of monsters to find the felines. Here is a complete list of the 12 cat Pokémon


The appearance of Absol is the harbinger of doom. If Absol shows up, you can be sure that bad things will happen.

Pokémon Absol

Introduced in Generation III, Absol is not officially confirmed to be a feline. But it has a cat-like face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a crescent-shaped horn on the side of its head, and a scythe-like tail.

Some even assume that Absol – the Dark-type Pokémon – is the reason behind the disaster that happens. But to wash away the negative image of Absol, the anime gave it a redemption arc and claimed that the feline-looking beast was only trying to alert people of bad events.

It has the talent to learn more techniques than any other non-legendary Pokémon. In fact, it is the only non-Psychic type that learns Psycho Cut after it levels up. The sixth generation established the ‘Mega Absol’ character, which only evolves during a battle. With amazing stats and mighty-looking wings, Absol is really hard to defeat in the final stage of evolution.


Pokémon Raikou

Raikou is an electric-type Pokémon, based on the Raijuu, a thunder demon that takes the form of a tiger during lightning. It has the power to drive storm clouds.

Raikou is part of the second-generation legendary beast trio, along with Suicune and Entei. There has always been a lot of debate among Pokémon fans on the visual inspiration for the trio. Some argue that they are modeled after dogs, while some refer to them as cat Pokémon.

All three may have some ambiguous features, but this saber-toothed Raikou is the only one that resembles a tiger and seems feline beyond a doubt.

It also has its presence in Super Smash Bros. Melee as both a Pokéball attack and a trophy.

Meowth and Persian

Pokémon Meowth and Persian

Without a doubt, the most glorious pair of felines in the Pokémon world are Meowth and Persian. Meowth is the first cat Pokémon, based on the Japanese ‘Maneki Neko’ charm. This beloved charm that’s said to bring not only luck but some cash as well usually depicts a smiling cat with coins.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that both Meowth and Persian have a signature move called ‘Pay Day.’ They throw coins at their opponent and, if the battle is won, the trainer takes away the loot.

Persian, which is the sleeker evolution of Meowth, takes a more beautiful character. As it is clear from the name, Persian is an elite, spoiled cat Pokémon. It’s a Normal-type Pokémon, but its ability to learn a number of strong moves adds extra fun to any party.

Meowth was there in the original games too. Belonging to Team Rocket, it is one of the few Pokémon that can actually speak. That’s why it became so popular in the first place.

And in the beginning, it was only exclusive to the Blue version. You will find Meowth in most of the spin-off games and merchandise, which makes it truly the top cat Pokémon.


Pokémon Espeon

This quadruped, mammalian Pokémon, Espeon has slender legs and dainty paws. Though not officially confirmed to be a feline, the ambiguous Espeon has enough cat-like features to merit inclusion on this list. It is one of the many evolutions for Eevee which was introduced in Generation II.

Eevee’s Generation I possible evolutions are Jolteon (Electric-type), Flareon (Fire-type), and Vaporeon (Water-type). Generation II includes Umbreon (the newly introduced Dark-type) and Espeon, which is psychic-like. Over the generations, there were many additional evolutions, such as Glaceon (Ice-type), and Sylveon (Fairy-type).

Eevee’s evolutions are mostly canine, but the two new evolutions seemed rather more cat-like than fox-like.

With so many evolutions to choose from, you want to make sure that you get your favorite. To get an Espeon, you will need to befriend an Eevee and allow it to evolve naturally during the day. If it tries to evolve at night, it will earn you an Umbreon instead.

Skitty and Delcatty

Pokémon Skitty and Delcatty

Generation III shows the addition of two new kitty Pokémon — Skitty and Delcatty. It’s clear from their names — developed from ‘kitty’ and ‘cat’ — that there is no uncertainty involved here.

Unlike most other felines in the series, Skitty and Delcatty aren’t Dark-types. Skitty is all cute, and it’s hard not to like the smiling pink kitten with a poofy tail. What’s more adorable about Skitty is that it chases its own tail until it gets dizzy.

Both Skitty and Delcatty are Normal-types, and Delcatty evolves from Skitty with the aid of a magical moonstone. Delcatty is no less sweet than Skitty. They both specialize in the move Assist, which lets them appropriate their opponents’ moves.

If you want to inject some happiness in your life, capture Skitty and its elegant evolution Delcatty. They are a powerful portrayal of the feline group.

They were generally designed to appeal to the female fan base, but it’s evident from the Internet that their popularity is completely gender-neutral.

Glameow and Purugly

Pokémon Glameow / Purugly

Glameow is a gray feline Pokémon with a slender physique, that tends to be spiteful and fickle. But when it’s happy, it purrs affectionately and demonstrates movements with its tail, like a dancing ribbon.

It is another fourth-generation Normal-type cat Pokémon.

“Glameow” is a combination of “glamorous” and “meow,” which perfectly describes one classy kitty. But what makes it funny is that its evolution Purugly — derived from ‘purr’ and ‘ugly’ — is a plumpy and much less good-looking cat.

The Pokédex theory is that Purugly attempts to make itself look thicker and bigger to intimidate its enemies. Purugly barges into the nests of other Pokémon and frightens them off so that it can claim the nest as its own.

If you don’t like Purugly, you can always cancel it by pressing the B button during an evolution attempt.

The pair uses Hypnosis which is a sleep-inducing Psychic attack and learns other standard sets of normal and dark moves.

Mewtwo and Mew

Pokémon Mewtwo / Mew

Another popular pair of legendary cat Pokémons are Mewtwo and Mew.

When they were first introduced, people couldn’t decide if they were mice or cats or any other character resemblance. The confusion plagued many a Pokémon fan until the official sources confirmed that both were ‘feline.’ After all, both their names have ‘Mew’ in it, which also refers to the sound a kitten makes.

They are both gifted with psychic abilities, and their base stats are so strong that the trainers aren’t allowed to use them in Pokémon tournaments.

Mewtwo can only be found, battled, and captured after the player had defeated the game, whereas Mew is a hidden Pokémon. It is only officially found at special Nintendo events and not during the normal gameplay. However, fans still manage to summon it through hacking and cheats.

They are both fan favorites among the Legendary Pokémon. Mewtwo is quite popular, and it also keeps appearing in spinoffs and side games. In fact, in the Super Smash Bros series, it shows up as a playable character. Mewtwo is also there in the most recent generation of X and Y, and can be seen in the battle only Mega Evolutions.

Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray

Pokémon Shinx / Luxio / Luxray

We know those ears may confuse you, but let us assure you that these are definitely cat Pokémon and they aren’t Dark or Normal-type either.

This three-evolution family are all Generation IV, Electric-type Pokémons. Starting at level 15, Shinx evolves into Luxio, which evolves into Luxray starting at level 30.


Shinx is a cute, adorable cub that doesn’t feature a black mane around the head. It probably got its name from Sphinx or Lynx, and a word that could be ‘shock’ or ‘shine’ both of which connect to its elemental type. It may not look ferocious at all, but if it sees the danger, its fur can shine brightly to blind enemies so it can escape.


Shinx then makes its jump to level 15, where it evolves to become the less cuddly Luxio. Luxio gets its name for the Latin word ‘light’ as well as ‘leo.’ At this stage, Luxio is no house kitty, and you will notice a tufty black mane surrounding its face. It also features a slight appearance difference between the genders, the mane is longer on the male than on the female.

Luxio is a fierce hunter — with high base stats and a high damage move set. It uses electrical pulses from its claws to communicate with its other members. It lives in small groups and produces powerful electricity by gathering the group’s tails together.


The final evolution of Shinx, Luxray, shows the full mane and looks like a fully-grown tough lion, though it still retains its star tail. Luxray has the powerful eyesight to see through anything, be it walls or any opaque objects, similar to the X-ray vision. It uses this ability for hunting and keeping track of its offspring. In fact, this could also explain the name — it probably combines the previous Latin prefix with X-ray.

Definitely, it’s a strong addition to any cat Pokémon lover’s team.


Pokémon Zangoose

Featuring a cross between a cat and a mongoose, Zangoose is a Normal-type Pokémon. It belongs to Generation III and is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

As such, Mongoose is not directly related to cats but shares the same species group with cats.

Zangoose is a bipedal Pokémon which usually walks on all fours, and is officially listed as a ‘cat ferret.’ At first glance, this white and red, thick-clawed mammal may not resemble a cat, but if you look a little deeper, you will see a few feline qualities in the face. The Bowiesque lightning flash across its face will instantly make you want to include this supercool creature in your play.

It is famous for its enmity with the snake Pokémon Seviper. In a gang encounter, you will find Zangoose and Seviper attacking each other instead of the players. Its wolverine-type claws are its best weapons, and it also has an exclusive signature move, Crush Claw. It lives in grassy areas.

Litleo and Pyroar

Pokémon Litleo and Pyroar

Introduced in Generation VI, Litleo is the first Fire-type lion. This big-eyed cub has a reddish-orange tuft of fur between its ears. It’s beyond cute, but that doesn’t mean it welcomes petting! Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you — it will burn your hand like wildfire. Litleo is a hot-blooded Pokémon that is quick to start fights. When it gets bigger, it is more likely to form its own group.

At level 35, Litleo evolves into the majestic Pyroar. It is one of only a few Pokémon that have two distinct genders. A male Pyroar has a full, dominantly red mane of hair with gold streaks, whereas the female has a long gold and red mane falling back behind her head.

Both Litleo and Pyroar will come to you with ferocious attack moves, like Overheat, Incinerate, and Hyper Beam. Pyroar brutally threatens any challenger with a fiery breath exceeding 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though they are Fire-type, they are also strangely Normal. That’s the reason why Litleo and Pyroar still join the team as Normal or Dark types. Lions are strong fire candidates for any team.

Espurr and Meowstic

Pokémon Espurr and Meowstic

The wide eyes with a more than intense stare make Espurr look cute, but don’t underestimate its power. It can blast everything within a 300-foot radius to smithereens, but it has no control over when it happens.

Espurr and its evolution Meowstic are Dark and Normal-types Pokémon of Generation VI.

In X and Y, you will often find Espurr wandering around halls and cities in its original form. However, at level 25, Espurr evolves into Meowstic. That’s when things get more complicated — and more interesting. Meowstic is another Pokémon to feature both sexes that have a completely different look. The male is dark blue and the female is white. They both are bigger and when they attack, you will notice their folded ears erupts, so that they resemble rabbit ears more than they do cats. Meowstic’s ears can emit psychic energy powerful enough to obliterate a 10-ton truck.

Each specializes in different types of attack techniques. The female Meowstic masters’ attack moves, whereas the male learns more disruptive and support moves.

Purrloin and Liepard

Pokémon Purrloin and Liepard

Yet another pair of Dark-type cat Pokémon are fifth-generation Purrloin and its evolution Liepard.

They are master manipulators. As the name suggests, Purrloin is a mischievous Pokémon that loves to steal from people. It puts on a cute act in front of its victims to let their guard down. Devious and too cute to have enemies, Purrloin is a master thief. And if caught stealing, it can quickly charm its way out of it. Everyone is quick to forgive the lovely and charismatic Purrlion. However, the other side of the coin is somewhat dangerous — when angry, Purrlion fights back with its claws.

Purrloin has a relatively early evolution to Liepard at level 20, and it evolves into a remarkable creature with very attractive fur. It runs silently and strikes opponents from behind. It has also been known to vanish and reappear without warning.

Liepard is very popular in X and Y series, especially among the villain group of Team Flare. They both have learned many dark moves. Some of which includes sucker punch, play rough, and night slash.

Both have some good physical attacks and make for a good early-stage addition to any trainer’s party.

Both are decent Pokémon and can be excellent additions to a cat team.

That sums up our list of cat Pokémon in the series as of Pokémon X and Y. Of course, there are other Pokémon who do have cat-like features but because they are heavily split between being a cat and something else, like Snorlax, we decided to skip them.

Undoubtedly, new installments in the series will introduce new cats. And we can all hope that one day it will be feasible to form an all-cat team with a full-time team possibility!

So what is your favorite cat-inspired Pokémon amongst all? Tell us in the comments below!