The best RimWorld mods to play in 2022

Ludeon Studios’ survival management simulator is deeply complex and incredibly adaptive. With RimWorld mods, you can modify and control over every feature of the game.

RimWorld is a perfect example that proves that no matter how much planning you do, you are still preparing to fail, and success is far from guaranteed.

Ludeon Studios’ survival management simulator — which is deeply complex and incredibly adaptive — has been a huge hit. RimWorld follows three survivors who fell from a crashed space liner, and you have to ensure their survival. You will have to deal with their needs, mental or physical states, and any illnesses that may arise. The incredibly intelligent AI storyteller in the game introduces unexpected events to keep you alert for what might happen next.

The game has many extensive features which allow customization and control over every detail of the game. There are already tons of RimWorld mods for different desired outcomes. We took the liberty to explore through quite a few of them and discovered the best RimWorld mods which are worth sharing.

So whether you are looking for new starting scenarios, weapons, apparel, or cosmetic features, we have got a ton of mods to keep your inhabitants at the cutting edge of colony living.

Here are the best Rimworld Mods

Hospitality and Faction Discovery

Orion's Hospitality RimWorld Mod

If you are lost and all alone in the space, particularly when your roommates are extremely ill or have died, wouldn’t you like some visitors? It would be even better if they stayed with you for a little longer than just a single one-off trade.

In fact, one of our biggest complaints with the game was that the guests had a very little motive. They would just move around your map, stay for a little while, and then go back home. But Modder Orion heard our cries and crafted three mods to fix this issue for us.

Orion’s Hospitality gives you the ability to attend to the needs of your guests more thoroughly. It allows you to build guest rooms, to designate items in an area as buyable, to tell guests where they can and can’t go, and more. With this new mod, you will be able to establish your colony as a regular traveler hub. And if you gain the trust of nomads, they might even give up their previous lives and join your colony. Just make sure you have enough supplies to feed the extra mouths.

And Orion’s Factory Discovery saves you from the trouble of starting fresh all over again. It allows you to create new factions that can be loaded from your existing games. And you will also have enough recommended bases on the map to activate all your installed factions.

EdB Prepare Carefully

EdB Prepare Carefully Rimworld Mod

We would suggest that you at least play the original base game once before you try out the EdB Prepare Carefully mod, just to get the feel of what the creator Tynan Sylvester intended. And once you get the real scenario of the RimsWorld, you might use this mod.

For starters, it allows you to pick a starting location. In addition to that, it also lets you customize everything about your colonists — from their backstory to appearance, skills, and stats at your fingertips.

It removes the points limiter that the game uses to ensure a more balanced start. This mod caters to bolder players who don’t enjoy limitations or restrictions.

We all know how hard it is to predict your mob’s actions when they are out in the wild. However, with this mod, you can play God. It gives you the option to build your starting group within the defined framework so that it increases your chances of survival. Now it is your choice whether you want a specific scenario or to make things a bit difficult.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse RimWorld Mod

If you think a power-hungry monarch was too much to take, then say hello to the rabid wasteland in Justin C’s Zombie Apocalypse mod. Try fighting the brain-hungry undead and you will know what we are talking about. Zombies, as ‘mindless killers,’ don’t just pose a threat physically. Their bite can spread infection if you get the wrong end of it. And it isn’t even the worst part. They can even wipe out whole colonies by airborne viruses. The blurb itself says that if the virus goes airborne, it will infect everyone around.

So get ready to prepare, plan, and fight. You might just survive another night.

Glitter Tech

Glitter Tech RimWorld Mod

If you are done managing and customizing your colonists, we have another RimWorld mod that extends upon the already mentioned in the game — Glitter Worlds.

Glitter Tech gives you access to a lot more — highly advanced power generators, high-tech energy weapons, bionic limbs and organs, wall lights, powerful turrets, automatic mortars, windows and blast doors, etc. It is more frivolous than most of the other RimWorld mods.

But of course, having such exceptional technologies is only going to attract the attention of big corporations. And since you will have really high-tech weapons, you shouldn’t expect them to be any less powerful than you are. Usually, they don’t turn up until later in the game, but they come with a lot of force and power when they do. In order to get the ‘full Glitter Tech experience,’ Sam recommends you to start a completely new world.

Colony Manager

In a colony sim like RimWorld, you start with a couple of people. As the game expands, manually controlling hundreds of animals, people, and mechanics can get quite tedious.

But Fluffy, the modder, understands your pain. He has created many modifications, some of which even let you become a king or queen colonizer.

One of such mods is Colony Manager, which takes out the tiring micromanagement of manually designating hunting and woodcutting jobs from your duties.

You will just have to assign certain target values for those workers, and it will transform raw materials to finished products autonomously. Plus, under the new ‘Manager’ tab, you appoint certain colonists as managers who in turn will assign jobs to the rest. And don’t worry — they can’t make any changes to your manually set designations, so you are still the overlord.

Furthermore, you can simplify the complicated list of RimWorld by using Fluffy’s Work Tab, Medical Tab, and Relations Tab mods. They give you indicators, handy graphs, and complete tab overhauls.

The Exiled Tribe and The Hangover From Hell

These two mods set out new scenarios for colonists, and isn’t that exactly what RimWorld is all about? We all know that the longevity of our life out in the wilderness is always at risk, even if we are fully prepared.

Blitz’s The Exiled Tribe mod offers a new starting scenario, where your tribe commits a crime against the current chief by swiping his ceremonial dagger and a magical shield. As a result, it spurs a witch hunt with you and your friends as the trophy. So your entourage is forced to flee in the middle of the night with everything they could carry. Now the question is will you live long enough to build your own tribe and create a new life with just four people and a few supplies?

Well, not every journey starts in the most fortunate of circumstances, nor is it always the fate that’s at fault. Sometimes it’s just that you and your colonists drink too much the night before and you wake up on a burning ship. So you all make your way to the lifeboats with all the booze you could carry and end up on an unknown planet.

To survive this, you and your gang will need to make use of what you have already got, and deal with these terrible hangovers before something far worse than those headaches comes your way. EnterElysium’s The Hangover From Hell mod is all set to doom you.

Efficient Light

With all of this powerful end-game experience, you might want to save some energy and make the world a brighter place at a much lower cost. Rimfire’s Efficient Light mod changes the power usage of the standing light from 75 to 25. You don’t have to suffer that badly just to see. In fact, living in a flashlight will also help maintain your vital system better to fight in adverse moments.

More Vanilla Turrets

Jaxxa’s More Vanilla Turret mod allows you to add more turrets that match with the style of the base game. You can see more mortar and turret variations such as military-grade turrets, Vulcan cannons, gun turret cooling, shredder and precision turrets, and devastator mortars. You can also expect a shallow moat with polished balancing. However, in this mod, you will need to level up your research game to realize its full capacity.

Combat Realism

Combat Realism doesn’t play nice with More Vanilla Turret. But this mod is for you if you are also a little annoyed like us with the RimWorld’s bending of physics when it comes to firearms. This mod delivers extensive changes to weapons and combats by rebalancing things based on real-world values. It includes shooting ranges in connection to line-of-sight, cooldown time frame, fire rates, and a complete list of other changes which are meant to make the weapon as effective or ineffective as it should be.

Although these mods aren’t so in harmony with each other, they still add a touch of realism to the game.

Medieval Times

Are you ready to take your colony to medieval times? Vindar’s Medieval Times mod is an expansion to RimWorld which introduces two new Middle Age factions. Arrows, swords, and brutal diplomacy are all part of the land. The new map includes two medieval societies that will seek to survive and one medieval Warband which functions in a way raiders do. It will seek to plunder, and in between, everyone will hunt what they can and pull together to make sure they see tomorrow.

The only difference is that the base game only sees power conflict within colonies, but the scenario of the Middle Ages will bring barbarity to the table.[td_smart_list_end]

Other Popular Mentions

There are other RimWorld mods which are worth mentioning such as:

Tilled Soil: It brings vital nutrients that help crops grow strong and quickly to RimWorld.

Orion’s Big Family: It has comedy scenarios which are based on a reality television show and Walter White’s adventures.

And this marks the end of our list of best RimWorld mods. To survive in the wilderness, you will need a very select skillset, though the scenarios are likely to change constantly.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, worry not. RimWorld is a versatile game and modders are creating masterpieces on the regular. So which mods are you and your friends currently enjoying? Tell us your favorite in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about it.