Top 30 Best Minecraft Seeds

There are many Minecraft seeds in this game and not all of them are good. But, hopefully, this list will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Let’s face it, Minecraft is so unique that just about anyone can enjoy it. No matter if we prefer FPS games, MOBAs or we just want to have some casual fun, Minecraft can offer countless hours of pure enjoyment. Furthermore, it can also offer many different worlds where you can show your creativity to the maximum. Minecraft seeds, in particular, take that creativity to a whole new level.

What are Minecraft seeds in the first place? In short, Minecraft seeds are codes that we can use to access all these unique worlds. We can find all kinds of different landscapes — from survival islands all the way to truly immersive dungeons, one can see everything here! If we are lucky enough, we can explore one of these virtual worlds for hours on end and we would still find and experience new things.

If we don’t use any seeds, we will always get a different terrain when the game loads and it can significantly affect the quality of our gameplay. Therefore, knowing the exact code of our favorite seed can drastically improve our gameplay experience.

Best Minecraft Seeds

Below, you will find the 30 best Minecraft seeds as well as what you can expect from them.

Woodland Mansions Near Spawn

minecraft seed woodland mansionSeed: 4589128118707775879 | Version: 1.11

Some of the most notable Minecraft structures are Woodland Mansions. How can we access them easily? Well, we can use 4589128118707775879 to do that! Woodland Mansions is one of the seeds for anyone who likes diversity. However, we should add that the terrain is full of different mobs, so you need to be extra careful.

Arching Mountain with Internal Waterfall

minecraft seed arching mountain

Seed: 8858351513851407858 | Version: 1.8.8

The biggest highlight of this particular seed is a mountain that looks so vile yet so amazing that it begs the player to explore it. If we dedicate some time to unveiling its secrets, we can get some truly outstanding rewards.

Different Biomes

minecraft seed different biomes

Seed: 8678942899319966093 | Version: 1.8 / 1.9

This seed combines many different landscapes in one place. Deserts, forests, mountains — they’re all there. If we are diligent enough, we will also be able to uncover many secrets that this world has in store.

Minecraft Survival Island with Private Lava Pool and Forest

minecraft seed survival island

Seed: 3847859895951773072 | Version: 1.9

Here’s one survival island where you can actually relax for a change. You will have all of the necessary resources at your disposal and you will have a huge area that you can explore for hours on end. Undoubtedly, we can use it to enjoy the surroundings without having to worry about survival.

Minecraft Igloo Seed

minecraft seed igloo

Seed: 3500229128833691836 | Version: 1.9

Unlike the previous seeds, this one is all about secrets. And winter as well. Some treasures that we can find are very valuable, but we need to be very careful. Danger lurks everywhere, keep that in mind!

Medieval Village

minecraft seed medieval village

Seed: 7281974495141360449 | Version: 1.8.8

Out of all Minecraft seeds, this is the best one for beginners as well as casual players. We will never run out of resources here and we will have enough isolation until we start building our own dream-like fortress.

The Librarian

best-minecraft seed the librarian

Seed: 1480351183376464763 | Version: 1.8 / 1.9

Do you want to turn a person’s small house into an enormous castle? If the answer is yes, this is the seed for you! Even though the basic premise is fairly simple, if we dig deeper, we will see that this world has so much to offer. But, most of all, it offers a truly unique scenery that we can’t see every day. You should certainly give it a go!

The Ocean Monuments

minecraft seed ocean monuments

Seed: 5181140359215069925 | Version: 1.8

If you’re a fan of temples, dungeons, and underwater environments, you will be pleased to know that this seed offers all three of these elements in one place. Don’t worry, it’s not even remotely as unpleasant as Ocarina of Time Water Temple. Just make sure you don’t drown and everything will be fine!

Break-leg Island

minecraft seeds breakleg island

Seed: 7261691309120837834 | Version: 1.9

This seed bears the title of “leg-break island,” but don’t worry — you certainly won’t break anything here. Mountains, beautiful view, the sea — you can find all of this and more in 7261691309120837834. We can say that this is one of those seeds that will really pull the most out of your creativity, but it also provides a great challenge for those who just want to stay alive. And, by the way, climbing the mountains is also a challenge of its own here.

Bryce Canyon Flower Forest Spawn

minecraft seed village waterfall flower forest

Seed: 1461928132 | Version: 1.9

Whereas the previous seed brought us the desert environment in tiny fractions, this seed is all about deserts. We can even see a canyon that is very similar to the ones that we know from real natural parks. Just like the previous seeds, this is yet another place that every miner needs to check out.

Mountain Island

minecraft seed mountain island

Seed: 969535336 | Version: 1.8

The second entry on our list is yet another set of truly unique landscapes. If you like cascading waterfalls and plenty of sheep around you, this is the seed for you. We highly recommend using Creative Mode.

Blacksmith Spawns

minecraft seeds blacksmith spawn

Seed: 686298914 | Version: 1.8.8

This area looks fairly small at first but, as we progress, we can see that it’s much bigger and much more diverse than it appears. Finding a special blacksmith’s treasure chest is only the beginning of your adventure here.

Pet Bunny

best-minecraft seed pet bunny

Seed: 1926444278 | Version: 1.8

We’ve already had a Minecraft seed that is full of horses, we’ve had one where we got a sheep and a wolf, and now we have one that is full of bunnies. This seed is ideal to experience at Easter but, we can enjoy it any time we want nonetheless. If we want one of these rabbits to be our pet, we can do that as well. Isn’t that cute?

Two Small Islands

minecraft seeds two small-island

Seed: 6185261765285097501 | Version: 1.9

And now we have one truly special Minecraft seed. Compared to the previous ones, this one offers a backstory as well. Basically, you will get two islands —- one has a sheep on it and the other one has a wolf. The story can unfold in many different ways, but of course, everything is up to you now. Use your creativity wisely!

Swamp Zone and Mushroom Hills

minecraft seeds mushroom hills

Seed: 8565911531030881739 | Version: 1.8.8

Unlike many other Minecraft seeds, this one will give us no free resources whatsoever. We could say that this is the definition of a survival island. It’s tough, challenging, and it will undoubtedly push your mining skills to the ultimate test.

Saddle Up

minecraft seed saddle-up

Seed: 8678942899319966093 | Version: 1.9

Do you like horses? If the answer is yes, we have good news — this seed is full of them. Your journey will begin in a small village surrounded by thousands of different horses. The world itself is full of secrets and treasures and every miner can find something for themselves. Luckily, if we tame one of these horses, we can explore everything much faster. Give this seed a try!

Five Villages & Two Desert Temples

minecraft seeds villages desert temples

Seed: 9065479248748140566 | Version: 1.8

This seed will offer us five different villages, several temples, and some extra fields that we can explore. The treasures that we can find here are extremely valuable, so this is one of those Minecraft seeds that you have to try.


minecraft seeds dossier

Seed: Dossier | Version: 1.6.4

If we want to kill the Ender Dragon, this is the seed that we should look into. The boss will be located right at the top of the fortress that contains the Nether Portal. We will need to employ tactics to reach him, though. And, of course, the same applies to our mining skills.

Mushroom World

minecraft seeds mushroom world

Seed: 5387364523423380365 | Version: 1.8.8

Do you like mushrooms? Well, this seed can offer plenty of them. There are many seeds that you can try out and none of them provide so many items in one place. By the way, you will see plenty of red cows here as well.

Waterfalls and Lava

minecraft seed lava waterfalls

Seed: 3657966 | Version: 1.8.1

We’ve come to the 20th entry on our list of the best Minecraft seeds and this one comes in the form of a giant mountain. It’s so big that it breaches the sky. The areas are quite diverse and they are full of different resources. If you’re not afraid of heights and you want to see how high you can climb, give this seed a try.

Gold Ravine

minecraft seed gold valley

Seed: 1111 | Version: 1.8.1

When we join this world, we will end up in a gigantic pit. The situation may seem hopeless at first, but fear not — you can get some truly amazing loot here. And once you leave the pit, you can find plenty of gold outside. They are all stacked next to one another, so you won’t spend a lot of time to gather them. This seed is one of the best ways to get plenty of gold in a short period of time.

Savannah Biome with Blacksmith

minecraft seed savannah biome

Seed: -516687594611420526 | Version: 1.8.1

Some of the previous Minecraft seeds had isolated villages, but this is the first seed that offers a village in the middle of a desert. As you may expect, we can find some pretty amazing pick-ups here. Among other things, there are iron leggings, iron ingots, diamonds, emeralds, and even a saddle. If you’ve just started playing the game, this is one of those Minecraft seeds that you can use to get plenty of different supplies in a very short period of time.

Desert Temple

minecraft seed desert temple

Seed: 998538147 | Version: 1.8.1

This seed has a little bit of everything. Forests, deserts, plains, and even some temples — we have all of that here. The temples are quite challenging but at least the rewards will be worth the trouble. There will be some cows in the fields as well. Whether we decide to use them for food or as pets depends entirely on us.

Skyscraper Island

minecraft seed skyscrapar island

Seed: –969535336 | Version: 1.8.1

This seed is quite similar to 3657966, but with a twist to it. Instead of going from bottom to top, now we will spawn at the very top of the mountain and we will have to work our way down. It takes quite a while to reach the bottom, though, but once you get there, you are in for quite a surprise.

All Biomes

minecraft seed all biomes

Seed: 8913466909937400889 | Version: 1.8.1

As a game, Minecraft offers a whole range of different landscapes. It’s very tough to get familiar with all of them and most Minecraft seeds focus on a tiny fraction of different areas. But, this seed is an exception. If you want to see all the different biomes in one place, give it a try.

Mushroom Islands

minecraft-seed mooshroom islands

Seed: 2107564565349426305 | Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft is all about diversity and uniqueness. Let’s be honest here, no one likes plain boring landscapes, people like colorful areas. And this is exactly what they get in this seed. No matter if we prefer forests, seas, or deserts, it offers them all. It’s also a good way to prepare ourselves for more serious survival islands.

Diamond Seed

minecraft seed diamond

Seed: 1785852800490497919 | Version: 1.8.1

This seed will give you the ultimate loot paradise. No matter how many resources you need, you will find everything here and in unlimited quantities. We will also get three temples that will make our mining skills sharper in the long run as well.

Epic Loot

minecraft seed epic loot

Seed: 939276771201220157 | Version: 1.8.1

If you just can’t seem to get enough diamonds, you should absolutely give this seed a try. And the best thing is that you can get them fairly quickly. You can get them from one of the two temples, or even an NPC. Other than diamonds, we can get other valuable treasures as well.

Simple Village

minecraft seed simple village

Seed: 2976643220357667859 | Version: 1.6.4

If we want a great starting point that we can use to get some affordable supplies for our mining adventures, 2976643220357667859 is an ideal seed for that. And, once we get everything we need, we still have a temple to raid. How awesome is that?

The Ultimate Seed

minecraft seed ultimate

Seed: 5494140678785792016 | Version: 1.7.10

The last entry on our list of seeds is 5494140678785792016. It’s a perfect way to finish off the list — not only is it full of resources, but it is also the home of some pretty challenging temples as well. Everyone can find something for themselves and, with enough dedication, you can become rich before you even notice!

In conclusion

No matter which of these Minecraft seeds you decide to try out, you will undoubtedly have a blast. Every seed is unique in its own regard and, as long as you know what to expect, you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to try them all, you can’t make a mistake.


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