Apex Legends cross-play: How to play with friends on other platforms

From PC to PS4, find your friends on Apex Legends.

After 6 seasons of Apex Legends, the developers have finally introduced cross-platform matches in their 7th season. Although the feature might not seem so groundbreaking in this day and age, many Apex Legends players have been hoping for it for a while now. When Respawn, announced in June of 2020, players became extremely excited to see it in action.

Now that Apex Legends cross-play is here, we’ll teach you how to enable the cross-platform play, navigate it, and disable it for when you don’t want to use it.

How to use Apex Legends cross-play?

  • Open the Apex Legends Main menu
  • Open up the “Friends” menu
  • Click “Find Friend”
  • Input the username of your friend
  • Your friend’s profile will appear even from a different platform
  • Select your friend’s profile
  • You can now add them or start a game with them

Sounds easy? That’s because it is. When Apex Legends enabled cross-play, it automatically allowed you to find players who are using different platforms. However, when doing random matching, you will still only be matched to those on the same platform as you. If you want to engage in cross-platform playing, you have to manually search the player.

As long as you search for the right username, Apex Legends will look for that name across all players of any device or platform.

Which platforms can use Apex Legends cross-platform playing?

If you play Apex Legends on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Origin, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, or the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to access the cross-play. So if you have online or IRL friends with who you’ve always wanted to play Apex Legends with but have been limited by them playing on a different console, you will no longer have that problem.

How to disable Apex Legends cross-play?

Cross-play is only useful when you’re searching for a particular player across different platforms. If you’re concerned about accidentally matching with someone on a different platform, that won’t happen; you’ll still match with those in your current one.

That being said, maybe you don’t want to be able to search for players from other platforms. Or you don’t want them to search you. So here’s how you can disable it.

Disable Apex Legends cross-play

  • Open Apex Legends
  • Open your settings
  • Search for the cross-play option
  • Select disable

Can you cross-save with Apex Legends?

Despite this new cross-play feature, Respawn hasn’t yet allowed players to do cross-save across different platforms. This means that whatever items and progression you’ve made on your PC won’t be saved if you start on a PS4, and vice versa.

However, just like cross-play, a cross-save and cross-progression feature is becoming more and more common. Respawn may enable it in the future, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until then, you can have as much fun by finding your friends on Apex Legends, regardless of what platform they use.