A Quick Strategy Guide to AdVenture Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a somewhat “idle” game offered on Steam. You can get it for free, and there are many versions available for different platforms like Adobe Flash, OS X, and Linux.

The game allows you to make investments and gain revenue. The first level includes a lemonade stand. As you progress and gain more revenue, you will get more cash.

You can also get an angel bonus when you reset your progress. That will boost the revenues and help you advance further in the game.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use while playing Adventure Capitalist.

The early game – Progress reset

These tips will serve you well if you have less than 300 businesses in the game.

Since you are still at the beginning of the game, you should do the first reset when you reach 50 to 100 angels, and the second one when you double the amount you already have. For example, if you made the first reset at 70, do the second one when you reach 140.

Once you do the reset, you have to wait about 4 hours. Until then, you won’t be able to generate revenue. Therefore, don’t do it if you don’t have time to wait it out.

The best businesses

There is a variety of businesses in Adventure Capitalist, and all of them have different yields. However, the Oil Company has the highest payout. Thus, if you invest in it and stick to it, it will allow you to earn angels fast.

How to earn angels faster?

You can earn angles faster by following an effective method. This is the easiest one we have found:

Bring all your establishments to a specific tier. After you do that, then you can move onto the next business. For example, get the lemonades to 25 and then buy the newspaper. Once it reaches 25 as well, you can move onto the next one.

However, remember to buy the x3 payouts upgrade before getting them to the specific tier.

Repeat the steps until you have enough money for the Oil Company investment.

Angel Investors

Afterward, you can reset your progress and do the complete opposite of these steps. For example, you can buy each business and save the cash so that you can invest in the Oil Company. It might be a slow method, but after a while, you will earn a lot of cash. In a nutshell, you should keep other businesses on tier 1, and bring the oil company to 25 (but you will need the x3 payout upgrade as well).

You should wait until you have about 100 angels. Then, you can get the oil company manager. That way, the Oil Companies will be 10% cheaper.

You also need to buy the payout x3 upgrade before investing further. When you get the Oil Company to 50, then go down the ladder until you reach the lemonades.

Once all your establishments are at 50, you can start again and get them to 100. So, start with the Oil Company and work your way down. Repeat the steps until all your establishments are at 200.

The game will get a bit stale at tier 200. You will have to wait in order to double the angels and perform the reset. But, if you have about 1500 to 5000 angels and a significant amount of cash, you can get the Holy Moola upgrade. That will allow you to get 1% more of angels when you reset.

The Mid-Game: Changes

There are only a few changes in the mid-game. You will have to rely on the Oil Company for revenue. Thus, the smaller establishments will be more expensive. However, remember that every dollar counts and that you cannot use the “trial and error” method here.

In addition, you cannot get all establishments to the same tier. That only worked in the beginning. Now, smaller businesses will cost you more. Therefore, it is wiser to invest that money in bigger companies.

When you reach the mid-game, you will have to use your previous experience and figure out your next step. Hence, you will probably have to spend angels to advance further.

Still, it will be too expensive to invest in small businesses – except for lemonades. They will remain cheap, so if you have some extra cash, you can invest in them.

Cash Upgrades In Mid-Game

You can use the same cash upgrade tips you used during the early game. But, it will be difficult to obtain Oil Companies. This is when you will have to consider all your options and judge them correctly.

Cash Upgrades In AdVenture Capitalist

For example, maybe you will get an opportunity to upgrade the Oil Company for $800 sextillion. Meanwhile, you can spend $160 sextillion and acquire 100 more companies. It’s your choice, but it would be wiser to get new Oil Companies because upgrading takes a lot of time and money.

During mid-game, you will also have to spend the angels. However, don’t go too far – use about 25% of them. Also, you should upgrade them whenever you can and use angel managers as well.

The Late Game: Changes

During the late game, you will notice that the Shrimp Business is on the top of the list. Doughnuts are second, and the Oil Companies are a bad investment – they are the 3rd worst business.

Also, you will be able to upgrade the businesses at 250 – not at 100. Only a few of them will keep the previous setting. Those are Newspaper, Pizza, Doughnuts and Car Wash. Therefore, you should invest in them if you want to take advantage of this change.

The “Very Late” Game: Changes

The very late game is when you have already purchased and performed huge upgrades for almost all businesses. After that, every stage of the game will last longer since there are four upgrades in every money tier.

The rankings will change a bit. Doughnuts will be on the top of the list, and Car Wash will be second. Meanwhile, the Bank will hold the third position and Newspaper will take the fourth place.

Also, bear in mind that it will take a lot of time to double your angels. Because of that, you should reset them when you reach your current mark. The very late game stage makes it impossible to wait until your angels double.


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